2 (in 11 days)

To Mira:

Two years on Earth and too much to tell you.
You are magic, you are unearthly hues.
An open soul I venture in to see,
and find in mine a place I’ve never been.
We brought you in, you quickly brought us out
We gave our hearts, our bodies, gave it all
You took it all and pulled us to give more
You find new space in us you can call yours.
I listen, leaves fall, you speak, and you call
Time moves, you grow, seasons change, and you show
what it means to be here, to be present,
to be clear, to be strong, and to be proud,
to speak soft, your message loud – and be sure,
I hear you, I hold you, I love you more.


You are my world, my light, my door, my pride, my heart, my escape, my favorite face. Your life is all you know, and it will be so different from what I have known, but we will learn it together and I will walk it with you. You make me laugh, you make me cry, you take me to places I never thought I would go. You have broken me and rebuilt me, and you have made me immeasurably better. You are perfect, you are beautiful, and you are my daughter.

Happy 2nd birthday, my best friend.


Your Dad


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